Nomination of James Murdoch as new president of Tesla

After the recent problems between Tesla President Elon Musk and the US Stock Exchange committee for publishing a tweet about the intention to buy the public investment fund a large group of shares of the company, which is contrary to the policy of the US Stock Exchange Committee.

This will cause the next few days to exempt Elon Musk from his position as chairman of the Tesla board of directors for three years.

Since the appearance of this news, questions about the proposed character of the company’s presidency began after the exodus of Elon Musk, today International media reported that British businessman James Murdoch, CEO of Fox Television Group and the son of businessman Robert Murdoch, one of the world’s largest wealthy will be the successor of Elon Musk In Tesla.

The US Stock Exchange Commission said in a settlement to be announced with Tesla that a $25 million fine would be imposed on Elon Musk and that he would be relieved of his position as chairman of the Tesla board with the possibility of retaining his position as chief executive, but that Musk threatened the company’s board of directors to withdraw fully if it agreed to this settle.

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