Onion is the Best natural beauty doctor for skin and hair .. here is how

Although we feel that the onions are tasteful and tearful when slice it, we can not do much without it in the kitchen. But the pleasant surprise is its amazing effect on solving skin problems.

Eliminate Warts

The onions are antiseptic against bacteria, so you can use onion juice to get rid of facial blisters, acne and inflammation at your face. Pour a slice over those pimples or dip a small piece of cotton in the onion water and pass it on your face, leave it dry and then wash your face well.

Lighten the dark spots

Since it has the ability to remove dead skin cells and eliminate excess skin pigments. You can take advantage of it to lighten some dark patches of skin. Wipe your face with a slice and leave it for 20 minutes and then clean it, and if you suffer from a sensitivity  towards the onion, mix the juice with two tablespoons of milk before use.

Resistance of expressive lines and wrinkles

Contains antioxidants and vitamin C needed to produce collagen responsible for young skin. You can use onion juice mixed with milk, to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face as well as improve the appearance. Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and pass it on your face and leave it for half an hour and then wash with lukewarm water to get a tight and renewed skin.

Improved scarring

The juice of onion in the problem of scarring and digging in your face in two ways, the first it works to lighten the skin reduces the appearance of scars in the face, the second that vitamin C, which helps to renew skin cells and build new cells instead of the old, improving the skin.

Lip moisturizing

You can mix a little onion juice with vitamin E capsule, put it on your lips, leave it for minutes, then rub it and rinse with water. This mixture renews the skin cells and saves them from dry, dry skin that irritates your lips.

Eliminate hair dandruff

You can get rid of the fungal hair dandruff by placing onion fluid on your scalp and massage it, leaving it dry and then washing your hair and scalp well. Onion contributes to its anti-microbial properties and bacteria in the elimination of the crust of hair and renewal of blood circulation scalp cells and improve the function of the bulbs, which strengthens the hair and resist falling too.

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