painting destroys itself just after being sold for $ 1.3 million (video)

In an incident described as the most ardent plot in the history of art, the painting of the famous artist, Banksy, was destroyed itself a moments after being sold for a huge sum.

Sky News said Saturday that the painting, “The Girl with the Red Balloon,” was the last to be sold at London’s Sotheby’s auction house on Friday night.

The auction house said it acquired the painting in 2006, confirming that it bears the signature of the famous artist who controls the mystery of his character.

The painting was auctioned for £ 1 million and £ 42,000, or $ 1.3 million.

As usual, the auction went on until the traditional hammering strike was over and they fixed it on a buyer who was sharing the phone, until the plate began to disintegrate, and it was believed to be a self-destruct mechanism within the frame.

Banksy posted a photograph of the auction in his account at Instagram, where the famous, disintegrating painting seemed to dominate the faces of the attendees, and wrote in an attachment: “Here she goes.

The newspaper “Guardian” said that what happened in the auction house is the most daring in the history of art.

Usually, the painting is not sold if it is damaged while in the auction house, but even if the paint is torn, it is likely to be of great value.

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