Passcode pypass in iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12 allows anyone to send user photos even though the phone is locked

Apple has updated iOS 12 a week ago after the many problems faced by the system with charging and communication problems on iphone Xs and other bugs in the platform, so that the company launches the iOS 12.0.1 version to overcome problems.

According to Spanish security and protection researcher Jose Rodriguez, there is a bug in the operating system that allows anyone to view the user’s photos and send them to anyone else via Apple Messages without the need for phone permis


The bug also works even if the device is completely locked with all the protections that Apple offers.

The only possible way to stop such a hack is to stop the automatic answering of messages on calls or turn off the voice assistant to see that the hack is done by an Apple helper that enables the hacker to access the device when is locked.

It is done by making a call and then using the Voice Assistant or by clicking on the message option on the visible call screen and then selecting “Custom” or selected, and then the user will be able to browse the pictures and send them to another device without the need to open the lock.

It can be said that the pypass is possible for anyone, but it needs a great concentration and correlation between what is similar to 10 steps to complete the process, which means it is difficult in the normal situation to do so quickly.

It is noteworthy that all devices running the last two versions of the ios operating system are subject to such attack.

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