Phobia.. How do you get rid of the sick fear inside you?

If you don’t have a phobia about something, you may know someone who suffers from this crisis, which is a problem, whereas the suffering from snake phobia or mice is not a major crisis for people living in cities, driving phobia or fear of heights is becoming a real problem in our current days, so we expose About their simple solutions now.

Anxiety Mystery Phobia
You always get worried when you have a phobia about something, so you have to learn how to corrupt that phobia by making sure that it is based on false information, for example, a person who is afraid of dogs, a person who feels inside that all dogs are dangerous to humans, just what needs to be done with a quick search over the Internet networks, To make sure that the information inside is wrong.

One also needs to increase his confidence in himself, in anticipation of those attitudes during which he is exposed to the voice, he was looking for how to confront dogs or deal with them at various times, when the human will feel safe, and his concerns are automatically reversed.

Confrontation is the answer
When a person is confronted with the cause of phobias, anxiety is immediately associated with increased heartbeat and reduced breathing capacity, his thinking is confused and there is no solution except to get away, hence the escape from phobias is usually malicious, only work to postpone treatment.

What is needed here is not to get away, to try to control anxiety in various ways, what works through pre-preparation, where it is advisable to write situations that always experience the suffering of phobias, arranged from the easiest to the most difficult, before you go beyond stage stage, like an electronic game, requires only patience And try to win it.

Training and reward
Seeking to transform behaviour to habit, always needs to be rehearsed at every moment, so that one feels that the worries of the sums were abnormal, while discovering that confronting the crisis was not as bad as imagining it.

The human being must reward himself, every time he succeeds, to become more enthusiastic about turning the behavior of risk and crisis into a daily habit, and ending his phobia crisis as soon as possible.

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