PlanKit App create fast floor plans using ARKit

With ARKit’s enhanced reality technology, developers have been able to use the amazing AR capabilities on their iPhone. Since the announcement of this platform, we have seen a range of applications that can be used in one way or another. The latest is PlanKit, which allows iOS users to create floor plans, Enhanced Reality Technology (ARKit).

In other words, this new application will allow you to measure your entire home, create a virtual land map with accurate measurements, all using the phone camera only. It also includes window and door graphics, as well as roof height information. Furniture, real estate and others.

PlanKit also allows you to export your chart as a PDF file and a 3D format (USDz) that allows you to quickly send it to someone via mail or any other application. The application automatically supports the calculation of room space and its planned layout with all dimensions. Available for free download on the Apple Store, that supports iOS 12 and newer.

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