Plastic bottles for transportation tickets in Indonesia

Many countries in the world are at risk of environmental pollution, but few of them have adopted an unconventional and effective way to treat it, such as Indonesia has used to inspire everyone.

The Indonesian government has realized the increasing risks of contamination of its territory, especially after the report of the status of four rivers in the world’s 20 most polluted rivers by measuring the proportion of plastic waste dumped in it, leading to official and informal action.

Officials in the Indonesian city of Surabaya have decided to increase citizens’ awareness of the danger of dumping plastic waste in rivers or even disposing of it on the streets by allocating public transport to the city. Citizens can board and move from one place to another without paying money. The driver 3 used plastic bottles, is the per capita wage.

Quick and inspiring results

Within a short period of time, everyone noticed the citizens’ response to this innovative approach, which helped control the pollution and beautify the Indonesian city, without resorting to strict laws based on the collection of fines, one of the fundamental reasons behind the remarkable shift in past years, Which is located in the city of Surabaya in particular, and around it from one of the worst cities in the country, to a privileged location filled with dazzling gardens and clean rivers, thanks clearly to the common awareness of officials and citizens there.

The idea of ​​replacing empty plastic bottles with public transport tickets in Surabaya has not only benefited the city’s distinctive beautification but has also helped to increase the chances for tourists there, who have found a way to see the best in Indonesia.

The idea began to spread in other countries, even if it was implemented in different ways. Officials in China, specifically in Beijing, placed more than 30 machines, which accept plastic bottles used by citizens, and replaced them with transport tickets, as in Indonesia , Or free minutes to phones.

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