Point Nemo .. The most isolated area on the planet

Do you dream of staying away from every thing around you? So you have to think about the area that is far from the land and far from any human being, where the ideal spot for this purpose amid the Pacific Ocean waves, called by experts “Point Nemo”, what is that controversial area?

Point Nemo

There is no doubt, even by 1%, that the famous point of Nemo is the farthest place for humans on the planet, researchers and geologists confirm that the closest humans from that secluded area, are the astronauts in outer space!.

Nemo’s point was discovered in 1992 by a Croatian Canadian engineer, fari Lukatila, where the area known as the inaccessible Ocean pole is located in the central Pacific Ocean, and the closest islands are about 1,600 km away, illustrating the extent of the isolation in which the Nemo point is located.

As for the secret of naming the point in the name of Nemo, it comes after the name of the hero of the known fairy tale (20,000 Leagues underwater), and the word Nemo in Latin means “no one”, which also describes the absence of the remote area of any person, and possibly any other organism, where the Point Nemo is in a water-repellent spot For nutrients, making them a bad location for all living organisms.

There are many crises and risks that make the idea of reaching Nemo’s point difficult to reach all human beings, which raises a very important question, how did the engineer Lockatela Discover Nemo’s point? How did he get there? How did he come back?.

The answer seems to be very logical when we realize that the Croatian-Canadian engineer did not go to Nemo even once in his life, but discovered the isolated point by conducting calculations through modern techniques, which prompted him to make sure that it was the furthest from the land of the Earth, and could even be considered a private dump. With some of the world’s space agencies, where the vehicles and satellites that came out of service fall into the waters of Nemo, but in the form of scattered fragments lying on the bottom, after being almost completely crossed by the Earth’s atmosphere.

In the end, you can not see or hear at the point of Nemo but the sounds of the cracked icebergs, which Deceive experts by the presence of living organisms in their deep waters in contrast to reality, so it is the ideal area for everyone who wants to stay away from the world and its problems, do you want to go there now?!

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