Potoo bird The Funniest Looking Bird Ever

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Birds are usually thin and beautiful, which makes them look for a way to reap the feelings of comfort and tranquility, while it is very different when talking about the bird with heavy eyes, which is enough to look at him to possess the feelings of fear and dread of this bird is terrifying, Its shape?

Despite its terrifying appearance, the Potoo is not considered a dangerous bird on humans, with eyes that tend to yellow orange colors, sometimes up to 60 cm long, and a voice similar to the sound of barking dogs!

It is a bird that is active only at night, where the long day spent hiding and out of sight, which is easy for this bird, having a leather built close to the colors of logs.

While catching prey at night, ranging from beetles to locusts, large insects, and sometimes bats.

If the hiding of the Potoo in the morning, and its sudden attack at night on its favorite parasites, are a mystery to birds and other animals, it is not the same for zoologists and birds.

Where there is a lot of information about this strange bird, for its little appearance among the other birds, which was found that it does not multiply only during the period from February to August each year, where it lies on one egg and each at a time.

It is also known that the Potoo , he lives in the forests of the continent of South and Central America, in Argentina and Mexico specifically, as well as the basin of the Amazon, where it is often preferred to build a nest in areas above the ground, up to 10 meters in full!

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