Practical Ways of Getting Rid of Stress

we can easily get rid of the negative impact of tension and become able to overcome its impact and start calmly and without any concern for success.

First, it is important to change your nervous nature in a situation if you feel stress and tension, and this easily explain that you change even from the situation you sit in.

If you stand up sit down and relax, and if you sit and talk nervously stand up and walk a little outside. It is best to change your own neural environment at this time, change the place itself and get out of it and think about a subject other than that you were talking about, and interested in talking to other people and so on.

change your environment, this is a role according to what the research says that it changes in front of your senses, nerve stimuli that you feel at the time of tension and distress and thus begin to receive new brain signals different from the first signals.

Second, your feeling of positive competition is very good, but the constant feeling of fierce competition with others to prove the validity of what you see true is very dangerous, it takes you into swirls of tension and anxiety permanently, so take a little and not always involved in the arena of competition so as not to get used to This restlessness is convinced that you can achieve or success without competition and you can transform your feeling of competition with others for a kind of trust in the effect of positive cooperation on both of the competitors .


Scientists at Stanford directed a knockdown to a different subtype of neurons inĀ  mice, but this stroke was not followed by any observation of changes in the breathing proccess. But once the mice were placed in a different environment, the scientists observed that they were unusually calm, and their typical exploratory behavior did not show a desire to redouble their new surroundings.

The mice simply lay in one spot, while the mice still retained their ability to sniff and breathe faster, they did not do so much, and instead preferred slow breathing.

“Locus Coeruleus”

Scientists believe that instead of regulating the breathing process, the cells will monitor breathing, then send information to another part of the trunk , The brain is responsible for the excitement. This part, called “Locus Coeruleus”, controls the arousal of situations such as alertness, attention, anxiety and distress.

Treatment of stress and anxiety

Scientists believe that the part of the brain stem, where the respiratory control center is located, plays an important role in how to stimulate the effects of breathing and emotion.

Scientists hope that this field will be better understood can lead to the development of effective forms of treatment to deal with stress, depression and other negative mental conditions.

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