Pros and cons of soy milk

Soy milk is one of the most popular alternatives to cow’s milk. It is not considered as one of the sources of milk. It contains a variety of essential foods including proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It contains isoflavones and antioxidants, making it a nutritional source. It is great for people who are allergic to lactose or milk, and despite the good qualities of this type of milk, it leads to high risk of health, so it is better to know some of the pros and cons of soy milk.

What are the benefits of soy milk?
Soy milk contains many of the health benefits that the body can take when taking a cup of soy milk daily. The most important of these are the following:

Soy milk has the ability to lower cholesterol and promote cardiovascular health, unlike saturated cow milk and high cholesterol.

Soy milk also contains unsaturated fatty acids called good fats, because they help reduce triglycerides and plaque, and form low-density lipoproteins in the blood
He also demonstrated that regular intake of soybeans can increase high-density lipoproteins, which can further improve blood image, and keep the body from being exposed to strokes and heart attacks.

Benefits of soy milk for men
Soy milk products help the body resist and fight prostate cancer in males, so men can benefit from drinking soy milk, through plant estrogen and antioxidants, which reduce the level of the hormone in the blood, and prevent The cell has been targeted, and studies have shown that eating regular soybeans significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Benefits of soy milk for women
It provides hormone therapy for women after menopause, because it contains a high level of plant estrogen, which simulates the functions of estrogen in women, so that helps to balance the levels of hormone in women after menopause, and prevents the occurrence of any other negative effects may be exposed Such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis or the possibility of exposure to any kind of mental disorders, such as depression and mood swings.

What are the disadvantages of eating soy milk?
There are some drawbacks that some may face when eating soy milk, including:

May prevent fertility in men, although some studies in 2008 linked the amount of soy with a decrease in the number of sperm, but they considered this result somewhat controversial, to limit the study only men who are overweight, and so far There are still several studies and discussions on the impact of soy on reproduction in males.

Plant estrogen in soy milk may increase the risk of breast cancer. Some studies have shown that taking regular soy products may increase breast cancer risk for women, although some other studies have shown otherwise.

Soy products can also interfere with chemotherapy for cancer, so consult your doctor before taking it if you have breast cancer.

Soy milk may cause allergic reactions. Soy milk is more sensitive to children than to adults, causing symptoms such as redness, vomiting and diarrhea.

 Soy milk for fattening
This milk contains a high percentage of food useful for the body, in addition to containing certain percentages of saturated fats and oils, soy milk is characterized by containing a very high rate of calories, but it can not cause an increase in weight, but was taken As part of a special program for fattening, or eat in quantities greater than the normal rate allowed during the day, and thus the body acquires more calories and thus increase the weight over time.

Soy milk for babies
Some medical studies indicate that the infant is not provided with soy milk. This is also emphasized by the German Health Network in Bonn, because if the baby is given this type of milk specifically, the baby will be infected with the enzyme The process of digesting the milk sugar lactose in the body, it is also more susceptible to the sensitivity of soy milk, which can not be borne by his small body.

Soy milk for pregnant women
Soy milk provides the pregnant woman with many benefits when taking one cup a day. It protects against the risk of anemia, prevents its exposure to osteoporosis, and provides the mother’s body with all the minerals, organic acids and vitamins it needs. Body during pregnancy, in order to maintain the health and health of the fetus.

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