“Purple Food” .. What is the secret of its high value?

Food types vary in terms of benefits and damage, depending on their types and sources, but have you thought that the difference may come from the color background? This is what experts see when they emphasize that purple food is distinguished by many other wonderful benefits, which we remind you of the following.

Reduce signs of aging
The fruits and vegetables of the color of the ultraviolet, containing a large amount of antioxidants, which inevitably helps to reduce the appearance of signs of aging and old age, the more those foods in terms of darker color, the higher the proportion of antioxidants.

purple food and regulation of blood pressure
Foods such as peaches, plums and black raisins regulate blood pressure in the body because they contain flavonoids, which have many benefits, so it is recommended to take these foods with violet color to avoid any confusion in blood pressure levels, as well as any heart problems.

Protection against urinary tract infection
Another benefit is the violet color, which prevents urinary tract infection. The reason is that the food contains an organic substance called anthocyanins, which prevents bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract wall.

Improve heart health
It is very important that you keep your heart healthy, so as to avoid any potential heart attack or any other symptom, which can be done through violet food, antioxidant, and anthocyanin. To ensure that heart health is maintained for as long as possible.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer
What if you can reduce your chances of getting a serious illness like colon cancer? Yes, the wonderful anthocyanin is also effective in protecting you from this dreaded disease, as well as other roles in the face of many diseases.

As you can see, violet foods have great benefits, so you should not let them go away from your dining table. The most beautiful thing is that these foods can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can also get them from fruits and vegetables. For a while, and then enjoy the health improvement you will see in a fast time.

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