Qualcomm New processors will support a 192MP camera

Qualcomm has entered the currently deployed camera numbers from 40MP to 48MP plus the number of cameras on each phone where Nokia has recently developed 5 rear cameras in the Nokia 9 PureView phone.

Qualcomm as it is evident in the title of the news announced that its modern processors snap Dragon 855 and snap Dragon 845 and Snab Dragon 710 and the Dragon 670 and Snab Dragon 675 plus the Dragon Snap 660 supports the presence of high-resolution cameras up to 192MP.

The American company did not create any fuss about this step but adjusted the specifications of the processors quietly via the official site where this change was observed on the spec sheet in the past hours.
This amendment will encourage companies to increase the accuracy of the camera in the near future and perhaps the modification was not done at the request of a company that intends to launch a phone with a rear camera accurately 100MP in the near future this is not excluded now.

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