Quora platform been Hacked and Stealing about 100 million users data

The majority of Internet users may know the Quora platform that specializes in questions and answers in an interactive way from users, and of course this fame of the platform disguised left behind the data of tens of millions of registered and interacting users, who did not expect one day to fall into the trap of penetration, except About 100 million users have been hacked by the company.

The company said that user data was accessed through third-party applications, containing names, passwords, email addresses as well as housing information, as well as public and private content posted on the platform.

Quora also spoke about the appointment of a legal and technical company to discuss the reasons and consequences of what happened and to take the necessary measures, and although the company did not disclose the details of the full occurrence of the matter, it spoke of a third party application that was able to access data that is not allowed to be accessed normally.

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