Rare eye disease behind the Beauty of Leonardo da Vinci paintings

Researchers found a rare case in the famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci’s Eye, which was the reason for the genius in drawing his paintings.

According to a study published Thursday in the Gamma Patrol of ophthalmology, the legendary artist, renowned for its deep-dimensional drawings on flat panels with extreme precision, was suffering from asymmetric eye deviation.

The researchers analyzed the direction of the consideration of six self-works of da Vinci, including Salvator Mundi and John the Baptist, to show the presence of the eyes with the eye direction to an external angle.

The research team assessed the condition of the eye in the paintings by drawing the circles on the cornea, iris and eyelids in each plate and measuring the distance between them.

Despite the different personalities in Da Vinci’s artwork, the artist has stated in his own writings that any artwork reflects the artist’s appearance.

The results showed that one turn of the eye to 10.3 degrees outward in the case of relaxed vision, but the eyes are in straight alignment in case of concentration.

The researchers of the left eye have spoken to da Vinci specifically, saying that they are likely to have been affected by this situation.

Asymmetric eye deviation is a form of Squint and affects 1% of the world’s population.

This condition creates difficulty in keeping the eyes aligned when seeing a fixed body.

This situation has allowed DaVinci to look at the world from a different angle, and its strong understanding of 3d objects, which is evident in the subtle shading he has known in his paintings to give it a triple dimension.

Previous studies had pointed to the presence of this type of visual disorder in a large number of famous painters.

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