Real Madrid puts screens in Santiago Bernabéu stadium’s bathrooms

It seems that the Real Madrid administration does not want the fans of the team to waste any moment of of the games at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, even if they are serving their needs in the bathroom.

Recent photos of the new toilets at the Santiago Bernabéu show that small screens are shown on the areas designated for urination, showing what is happening on the pitch.

The Royal club ensures that those who have had to spend their needs during the time of the game do not lose any of the important events.

Not Real Madrid was the first team to apply the idea of screens in the toilets, it was preceded by a competition in the Spanish league Lianis at the Braga Municipal Stadium.

Real Madrid is currently redesigning the Santiago Bernabéu stadium to accommodate more than 81,000 spectators with a budget of $650 million, including changing the design of the ceiling and adding giant screens to the perimeter of the stadium.

The royal team is currently going through a difficult period in the Spanish league, with the sixth place lagging seven points from Barcelona, with 24 points.

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