Residents of a Swiss village receive a fixed salary without any work

Residents of the Swiss village of Rienau, on the border with Germany, vote on a draft resolution to test the basic income system without work.

According to Bloomberg, more than 50% of the villagers supported the draft resolution.

The village, which has about 1,500 residents, is to receive a fixed salary of 2,500 Swiss francs ($ 2,700) a month without any work.

Officials said funding would be collected from private sources rather than government, and noted that the experience would be documented and presented in a documentary film.

The measures came two years after the proposal to grant all Swiss citizens free monthly income unconditionally, but failed after a pass in a referendum.

It is known that the cost of living in the city of Switzerland is prohibitive.

Other countries intend to apply this resolution to their citizens, such as Finland and Italy.

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