Revelation of the cabin of the celebrations of King Ramses II (PHOTOS)

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The archaeological mission of the University of Ain Shams, operating in the Arab al-Husn area in the eastern Cairo city of egypt, revealed the cabin of the celebrations of King Ramses II in full, in the area of the Arab ruins in Matareya, during the archaeological excavations of the mission, which had previously revealed part of it in the excavation season Last March/April 2018.

An Antiquities ministry press release, said on Thursday that archaeological excavations had been completed this season, which had revealed the rest of the cabin while revealing a set of doors leading to it to make the whole picture clear.

Mamdouh Damati, head of the mission, described the revelation with inspiration, “Since that cabin is unique from the age of modern state in the rehab Temple of Ra in the area of Ein Shams, and used to sit King Ramses II during the celebration of the coronation celebrations and Eid al-Yubili known at the old Egyptian ” Love Dam “, and perhaps This cabin continued to be used for this purpose throughout the Rameside ‘ era.

A significant body of structures was also uncovered, in which a large storage tractor, still in its original position of the third transition period, was found, indicating that it was an economic zone used in the afternoon to supply the temple with its grain needs.

The FFM also uncovered several other artifacts, including Jearin, crockery and some stone blocks with hieroglyphics engraved on one of them, King Ramses III, he said.

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