Samsung announces its 85-inch TV screen with 8K resolution

In August, Samsung unveiled at its IFA 2018 its new TV, which will be the first TV available to users with 8K resolution thanks to the quality of the OLED display, but has only announced the price of the HD screen now and at a significant amount.

Where the company has pre-ordered the Q900R Smart TV at $ 15,000 for the 85-inch screen, which will begin shipping to users on October 28.

Samsung has announced the existence of 65-inch, 75-inch and 82-inch screens of this type and precision, but has not announced any price details yet.

This price is considered high for ordinary users, especially since the prices of TVs in 4K resolution in general range from $ 1,600 to $ 5,300, and Samsung itself talked about the lack of content fully dedicated to 8K screens and that all current content is just a rewrite of the content 4K to fit with higher resolution.

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