Samsung hit hard with the waiting phone Galaxy S10

Leaks revealed unprecedented features in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10, which the market is looking forward to in the coming months.

According to the technical site “BGR”,  the new phone will contain the fingerprint sensor on the display in addition to 5 cameras, will provide enormous possibilities for photography.

But there is another reason to be enthusiastic about the new phone, which is more accurate for the curved edges of the screen, to see what Samsung fans have long waited for.

Samsung will launch 3 different versions of the Galaxy S10, similar to what Apple did to offer 3 phones this year.

The new phone in the image of the Galaxy S10 (SM-G973) and the Galaxy S-10 (SM-G975), in addition to the third model (SM-G970) is expected to be less than impressive specifications, but it will be cheap.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10 will come with a 5.8-inch Super Amoled curved screen, while the screen size of the Galaxy S10+ will reach 6.44.

The SM-G970 will be flat-screen and will abandon Samsung’s Infiniti design to lower the price.

The new Samsung S10 is expected to be unveiled early next year.

Ice Universe has talked of rumors of a fourth model, but it is likely to be the Galaxy S10+, but with 5G.

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