Samsung wants to remove the 3.5mm audio port from its phones in 2020

With the majority of companies going to remove the 3.5mm audio port of the leading phones, Korean companies are still have the presence of this port in their latest phones as an important advantage for many users.

For Samsung, a new report from ETNews said the company plans to actually remove the port from its leading phones in 2020 to take advantage of it by maximizing the size of the battery and possibly providing space for other parts, which will ultimately help to reduce phone weight.

The report notes that the proliferation of wireless headsets and the growth of this market are also important reasons, which is the result of statistics indicating growth of up to 100 million units sold in 2022.

Samsung is not rushing on this move so it plans to remove the port on the Galaxy S11 phone in 2020 or perhaps in the fall of 2019, in the Galaxy s10.

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