Saturated food can be eaten at night .. breaks Abdominal fat is during sleep

There are a lot of misconceptions about abdominal fat and how to get rid of it. What we often see when it comes to rules for getting rid of belly bulging is a strict diet and a harsh fitness regime, all boring rules that cause patience to fade quickly.

It is strange that the key behind the elimination of belly fat may be at the base of breaking traditional ideas, it may be necessary to eat certain food before going to sleep directly rather than stop eating after 7 pm.

Amy Lee, a nutritionist, recommends taking a healthy portion of protein just before bedtime. “protein intake before bedtime showed that it was a way to boost metabolism the next morning,” she said. “It helps your body burn fat effectively during sleep. , So wake up the person in the morning feel more comfort and energy.

As for the types of protein that can be eaten at night, Amy Lee recommends grilled chicken with a portion of raw vegetables, eggs or even a glass of yoghurt with oatmeal with a kind of fruit, all of which promote metabolism and increase the body’s ability to burn fat specially the fat belt in the waist.

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