Scientists discover bacteria that eliminate pollution and generate electricity

Scientists have discovered small bacterial creatures that can eliminate pollution and generate electricity.

According to the reports, electronic microbes have been targeted because of their ability to produce energy, which experts hope will be harnessed in the future to operate the devices.

These types of bacteria live in a harsh environment like alkaline hot springs, and the research team put electrodes in the waters of four hot springs, leaving it for a month to colonize the bacteria.
Dr. Haluk Binal, who oversaw the study, said that the natural conditions in geothermal properties, such as hot springs, are difficult to replicate in laboratories.

He added that therefore a new strategy has been developed to enrich the heat-loving bacteria in their natural environment, to be discovered that these electricity-producing bacteria have the ability to turn toxic contaminants into less harmful substances.

Scientists hope that once bacteria can operate all sorts of systems, they can develop something that helps produce electricity and remove pollutants.

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