Seat unveils the Electric El-born

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The Volkswagen Group is working to deploy electric car technologies among its companies, and the role seems to have reached the seat.

Seat El-born Labs come on the base of the MEB wheels which also carry Volkswagen ID, and the car comes with a simple design that carries the modern seat elements with the evacuation of the front façade of the grille to fit its electrical nature, and the rear façade features connected lamps. Indoors there are the latest entertainment systems and assistance with a middle screen, a digital instrument panel and a sports steering wheel.

Mechanically carrying El-born electric motor produces 168 horsepower derived power from a battery pack of 111 kw/h, and the car can cut a distance of 550 km before the need for recharging.

The El-born details car will be displayed at the Geneva International Motor Show, and the production version is expected to be released after months.

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