see The real character of the movie “the Nun”

If you are a fan of horror movies and want to get the thrill and excitement you have to see that wonderful movie that will make you feel scared throughout the show. The Nun was awaited by many fans of this kind of film around the world until it was filmed on December 6th of This month, and over the past few days, the film’s gross profit exceeded $ 130 million, surpassing the critics’ expectations. Let’s get to know the story of the Nun and the form of the real nun who embodies the power of evil in the film.
The Nun

We will not tell the story of the film in detail so that we leave you enjoy the film, a religious nun in a Roman monasteries, live in complete isolation, and one day the Vatican decided to send to that mysterious monastery priest, Unaware of what he will face of the devilish power, embodied by that nun, and the film will turn the Nun into a fierce and terrifying battle you should see.

Who is the real Nun?

If you have seen the famous horror movie the Conjuring you will notice that it is the same nun in the Nun movie , and here is a picture of its true one.

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