Selena Gomez enters a mental health clinic

Young American singer Selena Gomez’s fans were shocked Thursday when she announced she was entering a psychiatric clinic.

Gomez, 26, is receiving treatment at the clinic for anxiety and depression.

“Selena Gomez has recently tried to remain focused on her work, not allowing her health to influence her. She was active in writing lyrics for her new songs and moved to Orange County to change her life. A new activity, but with its health problems, I began to feel very tired. ”

Selena Gomez is suffering from an emotional breakdown after being treated twice in the past few weeks to receive treatment for Lupus and after her transplant last year.

Gomez received medical care at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles to recover from depression, as white blood cells are increasingly reduced in her body, which is sometimes common for those with SLE.

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez completed a two-week treatment program in New York City for anxiety and depression, and is currently receiving treatment, including “dialectic behavioral therapy”, in the same psychiatric clinic.

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