Selling the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” in the amount of €1.3 million

The Monte Carlo World auction house has announced the sale of the rare Ancient Egyptian “Book of the Dead” in the amount of €1.35 million.

The book was auctioned, during which it also offered to sell a number of rare manuscripts and documents, including the “Book of the Dead”, which dates back to the ancient Egyptians, and includes two hundred papyrus, according to the site of the “hehlmonnam'”.

The length of the book is 17.40 meters, and the book dates specifically for the period between 594 — 588 BC, and was written in a hirty script using black ink, using red ink to write titles and important parts.

The Book of the Dead contains 200 magical recipes, developed by ancient Egyptians in their graves in order to help the deceased to pass from the dangers of the underworld and access to other life, and the book includes some 227 short images painted in black and red.

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