Serious health damage behind early child sitting .. Do not force your child to sit up early

Some mothers rush to force babies to sit down from the serious things that must be warned. The baby is suffering from various health crises that may sometimes lead to sudden death if he is forced to sit during the first months of birth and for long periods of time.

Permanent curvature of the back

The infant is born with a sloping back. The younger child does not have a straight back to help him sit comfortably. The infant’s back is twice as weak as the body. The baby is forced to sit for long periods with the first months of birth. Injury to the back with permanent bending.

Double amounts of vertebrae

While the baby’s back does not have the strength to sit for a long time, the weakness of the vertebrae may unfortunately be more vulnerable over time, prompting the infant to be forced to sit at least 5 months before birth.

Different malformations

A recent German study confirmed that infant sitting early can be affected by a significant number of abnormalities, in addition to those of permanent back bending and poor vertebrae, where the child is missing with the first months of birth to the principles of balance, which enables him to maintain his balance and not Falling.

sudden death

Some medical studies indicate that 3% of children who are suddenly killed are affected by the decline in the oxygen levels they receive in the blood, which they are exposed to as a result of sitting for long periods of the day, which indicates that there is no need for urgency in regard to Feed the child as he is sitting.

Therefore, doctors and specialists are advised to leave the time needed for the child to have strong head and neck muscles that give him the ability to sit upright and give him the opportunity to maintain his balance while sitting for long periods without falling. Fifth birthday, while he is able to apply it with the completion of the ninth month approx.

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