Skin signs alert you to serious health problems

When exposed to the disease, it is very possible to discover this through the external appearance, specifically by some of the indicators that appear on his skin, which we show some of the most prominent, to be cautious when the sudden appearance on the skin.

Dark spots

Its sudden appearance can result from adrenal insufficiency, causing muscle and joint pain, lack of appetite, and low blood pressure and body sugar, which are serious signs that require a doctor to go quickly.

White spots

This refers to vitiligo, which leads to the loss of skin to its known pigmentation, and occurs with melanocytes cells dying from the immune system. Vitiligo may also be caused by adrenal insufficiency, indicating the importance of visiting the doctor in that case as well.

Skin rash

It is recommended that you visit your doctor, as these things sometimes develop into the worst. The individual is then infected with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, or Lille’s Syndrome. But not limited to.

It is also known as edema, which is often referred to as hypothyroidism. It occurs with the failure of the thyroid glands to secrete certain hormones. Some symptoms, such as dry skin and face, hair loss, nail fragility and weight gain, Symptoms, you should be visiting the doctor without delay.

The mole

Large numbers of them may occur for genetic reasons, excessive UV exposure, or even hormonal imbalances. However, increasing their number, causing severe pain, or changing their size and color, requires rapid presentation of specialists .


It can be caused by digestive problems, imbalances in the hormones of the body, or against the background of the excessive use of skin oils, which sometimes close the pores, so it is necessary to pay attention to the case to a doctor can determine the cause of the emergence of these troublesome grains,


It can be caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body, a lack of vitamins, or even an allergic reaction, which can lead to more serious things.

Excessive sweating

When exposed to extreme sweating, while sitting in a room with good ventilation, at a temperature appropriate, and without feeling a sense of tension or anxiety, it is necessary to stop here without a doubt, where this can be an indication of hyperthyroidism, or infected by another hated, so advised Visit a specialist in that situation, before the crisis magnified.

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