Snapchat launches it’s gaming platform next month

It seems that Snapchat will be unveiling its own gaming platform next month, which has long been talked about in news reports over the past period, according to Cheddar’s trusted website.

The site said that the gaming platform is now called Project Cognac and will provide a number of games from the same company and third party developers later, which will work specifically on the Snapchat application to serve as a new entertainment option for users. The company is expected to unveil the gaming platform at its first developers conference on April 11 in Los Angeles, USA.

Snapchat will provide its platform for enhanced reality for developers to develop a variety of games, aiming through this step to find a different way to achieve income and profits, especially since the company has been experiencing a good financial results for some time, although it achieved a unique number of revenues in the last quarter and by $390 million, but Even with this number, the company still suffers from debt.

The company has acquired the Prettygreat Games Development Studio in Australia last year, and the goal seems to be to accelerate the growth of the gaming platform and provide games from the company instead of relying on third-party developers only.

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