Sony announces a memory card capable of transmitting data at a speed of 1,700 Mbps

Sony unveiled new memory card that is considered the fastest in terms of reading and writing on the market, as the new cfexpress type B memory will be able to copy at 1,700 Mbps, while it will be able to write data at speeds of 1,480 Mbps.

The speed of the new memory is almost twice as high as the previous market speed, which was also for Sony’s memory cards, with a speed of 630 MB per second.

This card may be a big addition to film makers with regular cameras or phones because of its ability to save video in high resolution and speed, but there is a preliminary problem will face those interested in the memory card is 128 GB, but Sony said that it will launch copies with a capacity of 256 gigabytes and 512 Giga bytes later.

The new card will be available at the beginning of the summer of this year, but the company has not announced any information about the prices yet.

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