Soon WhatsApp will get the Advanced search feature

WhatsApp is currently working on many new features, highlighted by the Dark Mode, group invitation control system and more, and now another feature is Advanced search, which will be made available first in a future update for IOS users but with the demo version, in turn will allow this feature Users search for images, links, audio, GIF images, and even videos, and will also display recent searches, with this feature eventually being transmitted to Android users.

For usability, once you click the Advanced Search bar, the screen will report the number of media files stored in the Whatsapp store, and if you click the pictures, the app will open all shared images in all groups and chat in a format like the list, and will also include the result Search on the preview option, and then someone can filter this result by typing more keywords in the search bar.

The same happens if you click GIF images, links, or documents in the new search bar, but this search bar will come up with an option to clear all recent scans, in turn, the Whatsapp already has a search feature that allows the user to search for specific chats, so they are limited to That text, but with the “Advanced Search” feature, finally, as we mentioned earlier, this feature is still under development, and will be first presented to users of the trial version of IOS, and then on Android.

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