Spotify offers free subscription to Samsung phone buyers

The On-demand music broadcast service announced the extension of its partnership with Samsung and expanded its scope to give more users access to paid services free of charge.

Under the new partnership, Spotify will have pre-installed more of the new Samsung phones including the Galaxy S3 with a six month paid subscription free of charge.

This offer has certain conditions as it is only available to new Spotify subscribers and who has not previously benefited from a paid demo or paid subscription and has ceased to participate.

The Spotify service is integrated with Samsung’s Pixby Audio Helper service so that you can call songs through it or any other Samsung device that owns the
Pixby plugin.

Spotify aims to enhance its market share, with 207 million subscribers, including 96 million free-service subscribers operating in 79 countries around the world, and hopes that the six-month free subscription period provides a greater opportunity to identify the service and its potential and to transfer them to continuously paid subscribers. .

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