Strange things you might not know about Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry cartoon series will remain the greatest production of children in history.

These episodes have been broadcast worldwide, with almost no country broadcasting the popular cartoon series on their cartoon screenings, both government and private. , But there are several facts about the cardboard Tom and Jerry are ignorant of many, and some are somewhat strange, which will be clear when mentioned.

the original name of Tom & Jerry

In the beginning, the cat was not named Tom, nor was the mouse named Jerry, but their name was Jasper and Jenkins respectively.

His current name was the painter John Caro, whom he proposed in a contest that was allocated to him and won by them. The new names were admired and approved by the Ad Hoc Committee New for cat and mouse.

The theme of the episodes

It is known that the theme of these episodes revolves around the ongoing hunt of Tom Cat to Jerry mouse, in the context of a comedy based on the dumps by Jerry to punish Tom on the chase, but the surprise that William Hanna objected to that in the beginning, stressing that these events are not the real story Which was agreed upon with Joseph Barbera.

Tom and Jerry of the nineteenth century

Tom and Jerry are named in the 19th century, as many have said. One of the most famous novelists of the period, “Life in London,” was one of the best-known authors, Corinthian Tom and Jerry Horton. To riot in their relationship together.

Arabic stamps for Tom and Jerry

After being known as the Tom and Jerry Cartoon Series in the Arab World, the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates issued 1972 stamps bearing the name and pictures of the cat and mouse in commemoration of their memory.

Tom and Jerry charged with racism

The cat and the mouse were accused of promoting racism because of the servant who appeared in their episodes, which appeared in a number of scenes in many episodes calling for Tom or his succession because of his negligence in the face of Jerry, and the reason for accusing them of this serious accusation is to enshrine the principle of slavery through A black maid.

Some may be surprised by the accusation and can be attributed to a class known for persecution, such as blacks in the United States, for example, but the strange thing is that the source of the accusation is the Amazon site specialized in the sale of products on the Internet, when he first exhibited original rings for sale to Tom and Jerry wrote a warning related to That it is devoted to the principle of slavery.

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