the strangest designs of mobile phones in the world

In this day we see mobile phones carry a single structural design are the structure of a rectangular with touch screen in the interface and the only difference lies in places of the buttons and Mai thickness and screen size.

But in an earlier period of 10 years ago there were innovations with regard to the design of mobile phones, in what was called fashion phones.

The next report will show you the strangest designs of mobile phones in the world.


Many people aspired to own some smart devices used by James Bond in his films, and one of these devices is the phone, which takes the form of the pen, the passing years have already achieved, Haier PEN Phone 7 in the form of a stylish pen, which came with a screen size of a pen, color camera, ringtones, voice recorder, which is manufactured by the Chinese company Haier in 2004, and was promoted in 2005.

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