Study: Genetic genes are crucial to achieving marital bliss!

A recent study reveals one of the mysterious secrets of marital happiness, which is represented in the hereditary genes of both husband and wife, what are the details of that study?

Gene and marital happiness
Psychology and relationship experts talk a lot about the reasons for achieving marital happiness between the two parties, where some point to the importance of communication, and others to the need for clarity and non-contortion between couples, while a recent American study now reveals a different and more influential cause than others.

The study, conducted by the Public Health department at Yale University, confirms that the success of the marital relationship depends primarily on the hereditary genes of the couple, where the secret is the hormone oxiticin, known as the hormone of love, which is produced by each party to affect in one degree or another the marital relationship.

John Munin, the first researcher behind the recent study, and professor at Yale University, explains the results of the study, saying: “The feelings that each party has towards the other in the marital relationship are determined not only by their previous experiences, but also by their own genetic genes.”

The study
The American study relied on 178 husbands and wives, aged between 37 and 90, where they were asked about their sense of safety and pleasure, while researchers obtained saliva samples for study.

At the conclusion of the scientific study, the researchers concluded that owning both parties to the marital relationship or only one party to a genetic variation called GG genotype, available with oxitine hormone, is sufficient to maximize the chances of achieving pleasure, happiness and safety in relation to the fullest, which brings to mind the results of studies Previous scientific, she had revealed the role of the hormone itself in providing the author with the necessary psychological and social stability.

The study details also highlight the role of genetic variation, GG genotype, in reducing the specific concerns of husbands and wives, resulting from the previous relationships of each party, whether with loved ones or relatives and friends, in reference to the multiplicity of benefits of the beloved “hormone of Love”, which seems to be the hidden secret behind the success of relationships Marital, and maintain its stability over the years.

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