Sunscreen creams 5 side effects should be avoided

In the hot summer days, everyone shares some tips to avoid the effects of high heat. At the forefront of these tips is the use of sunscreen creams, which can sometimes lead to unexpected damage, which we now reveal with some serious side effects behind their use.


Some sunscreen contains chemicals that cause skin irritation symptoms, such as redness, swelling, and itching, which are originally formulated as preservatives. So it is best to resort to creams that contain mainly zinc oxide, as it does not cause the sensitivity of the skin in most cases.


When the skin suffers from the spread of acne, some chemicals then increase the problem. In order to avoid the side effects affecting acne, it is recommended to resort to non-oily creams, it is always required to use the appropriate creams for each skin, not to put creams on the face, because they are more intense.


The entry of sun protection creams into the eye inevitably leads to various damages, most notably the severe eye pain and irritation.

It can also cause eye burns and temporary sensitivity to light, while some suggest that placing the creams on the eye may sometimes lead to blindness.

In any case, it is advised to immerse the eye in cold water if exposed to those creams, and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

The hairy skin

In the variety of forms of skin creams, some of which cause the drying of the skin, and then exposed areas of the razor of the skin to some of the discomfort, it is recommended to use each type with the appropriate place on the skin, and generally the generation is the best option for the protection of areas The razor of the skin, when men.

breast cancer

Sunscreen creams contain some ingredients, which can stimulate breast cancer cells, which is the worst risk posed by those sunscreens, while chemical creams should not be used by children, as the baby’s skin absorbs those creams immediately.

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