Taylor Swift announces her political affiliations on Instagram and Trump criticizes her

US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, breaking her policy silence, sparked a storm on Monday as fans and commentators split over whether one of the biggest pop stars should disclose her political leanings.

The 28-year-old Swift remained far from the political conflict in the United States, unlike her more outspoken political counterparts, such as Katie Perry and Beyonce, whom support the Democratic Party and Republican supporters of Kid Rock.

But Taylor Swift has told 112 million of her followers at Instagram that she supports Democratic candidates in Tennessee and will vote for them in the November 6 midterm elections.

“I was reluctant in the past to publicly express my political views, but because of the many events I have experienced in my life and witnessed by the world in the past two years, I feel very different about it now,” Swift wrote.

The singer, known as Speak Now, said she was pro-gay and women’s rights and was anti-racist.

“I can not vote for someone who will not be ready to fight for the dignity of all Americans, regardless of color, gender or who they love,” Swift said.

She said she would vote for Democrats Phil Bredesen in the Senate and Jim Cooper elections to the House of Representatives.

US President Donald Trump commented on Taylor Swift’s latest political comments and told reporters he now liked her music 25%less.

In his previous tweets, published in 2012, Trump described Taylor Swift as “wonderful” and “amazing” and thanked her for taking a picture with him.

Swift is currently on a global tour to rally support for her best-selling album in 2017, and will sing live at the Los Angeles Music Awards on Tuesday.

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