Tesla backs up the e-sales plan and raise the price of its cars

In contrast to the announcement by Tesla at the end of February of a plan to close all its stores to sell its electric cars and only to sell electronically via the Internet only, today it is retreating from its decision to maintain a plan to retain at least half of the stores and compensate for this adjustment and the expenses of the crew working in Its re-opened stores raise the price of its electric cars by 3% globally.

The company noted that its electric car Model 3 with a price of 35,000 dollars will not have any price raise and will remain available in the same amount but the increase will be attached to the higher-priced models of Model 3 as well as Model S and model X as was the company’s authenticity in its blog about this subject.

The company added that it had already closed 10% of its selling sites, which had not seen sufficient movement during the periods prior to the decision to abandon them, while explaining that a number of them will remain under the closure decision and another will reopen the company again but with a staff less consistent with the company’s plan to Adjust its financial trajectory and raise revenue in the coming period.

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