Tesla stopped full self-driving option for new cars

In a resolution contrary to the statements of its CEO Elon Musk over the past years, the Tesla car will be in full readiness to put a full self-command, Tesla removed the option to put the full self-driving of its new car from the list of the order on its own website, where musk declare to make the choice off the list now, adding that it has caused a lot of confusion to the customers, as the option will return again only if the company is fully ready to launch it.

If we take into account the Executive Director’s statements over the past three years, it is supposed to be the current year for the consolidation of the full self-drive option, where Elon Musk announced that 2017 is the year in which his car will be able to drive itself fully without any human intervention, but All these promises only saw the light on the option to request through the site was withdrawn, where he confessed via tweet that the company needs time to support the car with new devices, especially artificial intelligence chips to be ready to drive on the road with full self-driving mode.

In the context of flaunt Tesla’s cars and the use of the term autopilot for self-driving, it has been criticized by many official and other sources, the fact that this term causes a wrong concept to the consumer, while the car is capable of some self-driving tasks in specific situations and need Also for the supervision of the driver himself, contrary to what the term shows of full self-ability, the owner illusion the possibility of total dependence on the self-driving devices in the vehicle, which led by the way to kill someone earlier in a similar work, to have a significant role to withdraw Tesla for the option from the request list Of the vehicle and explains that the company is not ready for the moment to launch the situation within the framework of a comprehensive physical application.

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