Tesla unveils the all-new Y model with a range of 483 km

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After Tesla launched a new Y-model, she reveals it to compete in the electric SUV class.

Tesla Model Y is a milestone for the company because of the great interest of the crossover SUV versus the sedan around the world, and the importance of the Y model versus the model X in the price, where the latter is high price and competing for luxury electric SUV cars. The Y model gives the option to buy a high-tech SUV at a lower price.

Tesla Model Y comes with an electric range of 483 km and accelerates to 96 km/s in 5.5 seconds for the strongest category, starting at USD 39,000 and expected to arrive in 2021. Tesla will then launch long-range, 4WD and high performance classes in late 2020 starting at 47,000 dollars.

Performance specifications in the base class are not that strong but remain good, accelerating to 96 km/h in 5.9 seconds, with a shorter range not exceeding 370 km per shipment, the long-range range is 483 km with acceleration to 96 km/s in 5.5 seconds, while the high performance category is 450 km.

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