The 10 longest-lived countries citizens in 2040

American researchers have predicted that human life will rise remarkably in the coming decades, but those living in developed countries would be the biggest beneficiaries of the Age leap.

According to the British daily “Daily Mail”, Spain will be in the forefront of life by 2040, with the average age in the European country reaching 85.8 years, while Japan, second in number, will reach 85.7 years of  Average age.

Researchers from the University of Washington have relied on current health data for countries of the world, and have conjured up expectations of health disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and lung cancer.

The study showed that the world will see a decline in deaths from infectious epidemics, but other diseases will kill humans, such as cancer and kidney problems.

Singapore was ranked third globally for 85.4 years, Switzerland fourth in 85.2 years, while Portugal and Italy were in the fifth place with 84.5 years.

In addition, the list of the top 10 longest-lived countries in 2040 included France, Luxembourg, Australia and Israel.

On the other hand, developing countries will see a slight improvement in life, but the ages will remain limited, with estimates showing that the citizens of the Kingdom of Lesotho (enclave in South Africa) will be the least fortunate for a lifetime of no more than 57.3 years.

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