The 10 strangest things you’ll find in our solar system

10. The solar system is bigger than you think

As we have learned, the sun’s atmosphere extends beyond Pluto, but it may surprise you to discover that this is not where the solar system ends. If we can imagine that the solar system is the size of our body, the sun will be the size of a single white blood cell.

Mercury is only 0.39 astronomical units from the sun, while Jupiter orbits 5.5 astronomical units. Pluto orbits at 39.2 astronomical units, equivalent to 5.9 billion kilometers.

At the farthest point of the solar system is the Ort cloud, a theoretical cloud of glacial objects orbiting the Sun at a distance of 100,000 astronomical units – approximately 1.87 light-years away. The Ort cloud represents the limits of our solar system.

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