The 10 strangest things you’ll find in our solar system

1- We live in the sun

When we draw the sun, what comes to mind is a huge ball of light at 93 million miles (150 million kilometers). However, in fact, the sun’s atmosphere extends outward from its surface.

The southern and northern lights we see on Earth (called the Aurora) are evidence that we are wandering within the sun’s atmosphere. Polar Aurora has been seen on distant planets such as Neptune. It is believed that the outer atmosphere of the sun extends to about 10 billion miles (16 billion kilometers) – more than double the distance between the sun and Pluto!

Aurora is a combination of picturesque colors that form on the north and south poles of the globe and are also known as polar lights. The reason behind it is not known in detail, but it is related to the interaction of solar wind with the Earth’s magnetic field.

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