the 10 worst passwords of 2018 used in the Internet

With the near end of the current world, the site “Splahddat'” published its annual list of the worst 100 passwords used over the Internet.

The website and its annual habit publishes a list of the worst passwords used by the Internet users, using the leaked words.

The new list saw the password used “123456 ” on its first position for the second consecutive year, in addition to maintaining the word “password” on its second position in the list.

This is a list of the 10 worst passwords, according to the site:

123456 (has maintained its rank since the previous year)
Password (maintain its rank)
123456789 (three mattresses stepped)
12345678 (one rank landed)
12345 (maintained rank)
111111 (New)
1234567 (one level stepped)
Sunshine (New)
QWERTY (landed five mattresses)
ILOVEYOU (maintained rank)

The site is advised to use a password of 12 characters or more while diversifying the codes used, as well as using different passwords for your own sites so that no one can access them at once once you know a single password.

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