The Chinese search engine model from Google connects results to user numbers

A lot of disagreements surfaced in the period when the news of the work of a Google search team for a search engine under the control of the Chinese government was stirred up, provoking some human rights organizations and also prompted 1,000 employees from the same company to protest against the decision.

In a new development, the Intercept site revealed that the current model of the search engine built by Google in China links searches to the user’s phone number, in order to facilitate the Chinese government’s control of content and people within the policies of the Chinese regime ruling, to identify and remove any sensitive information on them, Information about political competitors or peaceful demonstrations and content on democracy and human rights.

The Chinese engine, called DragonFly, was designed specifically for Android phones. The Intercept also revealed on Friday details of Google’s plan, which included putting blacklist terms for the engine, such as student protests, the Nobel Prize and human rights. Human rights organizations considered the company to be a contributor to human rights violations as a result of its policy of building the engine in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese regime.

In addition to Google linking the Android search engine to the user’s phone number, some sources know that the engine also falsifies the results of environmental pollution in Chinese cities and shows it from an unknown source at Beijing’s wishes by showing fewer results than the truth about pollution and gases Toxic in the air.

Google has not commented on this matter officially since the beginning of the information revealing about the new browser to the public, although many legal institutions and legal figures recently with them and expressed their concern from Dragon Fly, but it is clear that the decision makers in Google today focused on putting their feet back in The Chinese market, no matter what the cost, and return to the five percent of the world’s population who have been deprived of profits since they left China in 2010.

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