The curse of Yorkshire well which transforms things into stones

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“A dreadful Yorkshire well transforms anything into a stone,” some might think of it as words from one of the scenes in a fictional movie, or from a novel of famous horror literature, while it is a reality, according to everyone who visited and watched the Yorkshire county well, what exactly is going on there?!

In northern England, this controversial well, which is visited by a huge number of visitors every year for the purpose of visiting a new site, as well as to see an interesting thing!.

As tourists come from everywhere, to witness the dramatic process of turning ordinary things into non-moving stones, in a mysterious phenomenon that has kept many around the world, unable to absorb its secret, for too long years !

Is it a damn well?

So, with no understanding of the reason why things turned into stones in that dreadful British well, many myths and novels emerged years and years ago, telling it is like a damn well, that could alter the condition of anything, or even a living being, into a hardened stone.

Which did not stop there, but called on the locals in that area as old as not to approach the well of Yorkshire, fearing any contact with the cursed waters, so as not to turn overnight into inanimate objects, according to their old and strange beliefs too! Can this well really be cursed?!

Scientific explanation for Yorkshire Well 

Of course, these beliefs are not only clear fabrications on a famous tourist attraction in Britain, you can actually throw some of your things, to see them turn into stones over long times, not just hours or even days.

The truth of turning objects into stones, only occurs for the water of that English well having a high content of salts, formed by limestone and pores that surround it.

From here, this well gained its great popularity, becoming a great attraction for tourists, whom either want to take pictures just near it, or hope to drink from its water thinking that it is able to heal the patients, unlike the reality certainly!

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