the Damage of metal rust on the human body

Iron is the fourth element in the most abundant metals on the surface of the earth. Since ancient times it has been used by humans in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, fishing tools and others. Iron is now used in the production of steel and in the manufacture of many industrial materials. Or iron oxide, rust can be defined as a composite built-up produced when exposing iron to oxygen, the oxygen gas in the water works to interact with iron and the formation of iron oxide or rust, in other words accelerate the erosion, and the damage of rust on the human body many, The What will be talking about in this article.

Rust damage to the human body
Rust is one of the most important problems faced by humans in industries, iron enters a large extent in the manufacture of water delivery pipes for homes and in the manufacture of some industrial pots and cans, studies have shown that the damage of rust on the human body many and most notably:

Sensitivity causes skin contact with rust, redness and rashes.
Exposure to rust dust causes eye irritation and irritation.
If taken in large quantities will lead to upset stomach irritation.
The most serious damage to rust on the human body is in the case of inhalation of dust caused by rust, this leads to coughing and irritation of the lungs.
Inhalation of long-term rust dust leads to a condition called siderosis, so iron oxide is deposited into the lung.

Rust damage
Rust damage is not limited to the human body, but also to damage the economy and the environment, and the most prominent problems and damage caused by rust:

Due to corrosion due to rust, this will require periodic maintenance and renovation, which means increasing the cost.
Distort the exterior appearance of elements made of iron, from windows and doors and window protections.
Iron is often used to make food cans, and because rust is a change in the chemical nature of iron, it will damage the material it contains.
Iron is used to make the foundations of houses and buildings in general. If the necessary precautions are not followed, iron will be rusted. Iron will lose its ability to carry heavy weights.

Protect your self from the iron rust
Iron can be protected from rust by coating the outside surface of the iron with a corrosion-resistant material. Iron insulation prevents oxygen and thus prevents its reaction and formation of iron oxide, such as chromium, nickel or stainless steel or encapsulated with thermoplastic insulation.

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