The dangers of passive smoking on your children

There is nothing worse for a parent to cause a child to suffer, which is most likely to happen when a parent smokes in the presence of their young children.

Is the chest sensitivity disease, which increases the chances of injury to children, when exposed to cigarette smoke negatively while under the age of six, while the increase of passive smoking also the risk of other health crises for those who suffer from asthma from the ground, resulting in a number of Serious complications are indispensable.

May seem far from the thinking of smoking parents, but already cause exposure of children to secondhand smoke sometimes impaired hearing, as confirmed some scientific research on the phenomenon, which weaken the hearing of children, and sometimes have a number of problems with the middle ear as well.

Some studies confirm that there is a direct relationship between the exposure of the child to secondhand smoke and the injury of his arteries to various health crises later, sometimes leads to the enlargement of the thickness of the walls of blood vessels, and then increase the multiple risks related to either the exposure to heart attacks, or even brain.

Smoking is one of the worst decisions that can contribute, unfortunately, to the long-term asthma of the fetus. It also leads to poor lung function, which suggests that pregnant mothers should avoid all forms of smoking in order to preserve the fetus.

Of course, one of the most important points to be aware of, even if your child does not have any symptoms of health, resulting from passive smoking, the chances of experimenting with smoking sooner or later, is increasing strongly with an attempt to imitate him who practices this bad habit in front of him at home or outside, Parents should be careful to stay away from the habit in front of their children at the very least, so as not to be a direct cause of their suffering from various diseases in the future.

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