The easiest ways to whiten your teeth Without the need to visit the doctor

The yellow teeth are an embarrassing sign, requiring either some medical treatment or visiting clinics specializing in yellowing teeth whitening, or relying on natural methods that are easiest to resolve, so we now refer to them.

Eat apples and carrots
This type of food eliminates the lingering foods between the teeth, as well as the bacteria in the mouth. In addition to containing these foods, especially apples, high levels of malic acid, which removes the yellow spots in the teeth, and then helps to whiten them quickly.

The use of soft drinks, coffee and tea, can injure the teeth in yellow colors when taken directly from the cups, while the use of straw, prevent the access of those drinks to the teeth, the chances of yellowing are reduced simply, while it is indicated that drinking these drinks without using straw, Tooth well, to get rid of lingering chemicals.

Home Toothpaste

At a time when baking soda is referred to as teeth whitening, mixing it with lemon juice may result in a very special toothpaste that can be safely used to brighten the teeth, leaving it before washing for a period of not more than one minute.


Another fruit that seems to have the same success as apple, which is the fruit of strawberry, which, in addition to the good proportions of malic acid, which has a prominent role in teeth whitening, has other percentages of vitamin C, which prevents damage. Fruit, get a natural way to get rid of yellow color teeth, while enjoying the sweetness of taste is not comparable.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Looking at medical studies and research, it is clear that hydrogen peroxide can also play a vital role, in order to give the most brilliant white color to the teeth, in the shortest time possible, because of its ability to face harmful bacteria in the mouth, On a smelly, hydrogen peroxide can resist it, using it alone or mixed with water, before using it as a means of gargling for a few seconds and then gluing it.

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